MoSQL — More than SQL

It lets you use the common Python data structures to build SQLs.

It is the slide of the talk, “MoSQL: More than SQL, but Less than ORM”, at PyCon APAC 2013. It introduces MoSQL after v0.6.

The main features:

  1. Easy-to-learn — Everything is just a plain Python object or SQL keyword.
  2. Flexible — The query it builds fully depends on the structure you provide.
  3. Secure — It prevents the SQL injection from both identifier and value.
  4. Fast — It simply translates the Python data structures into SQLs.

It is just more than SQL.

MoSQL is Elegant

Here we have a dictionary which includes the information of a person:

>>> mosky = {
...    'person_id': 'mosky',
...    'name'     : 'Mosky Liu',
... }

And we want to insert it into a table named person. It is easy with mosql.query:

>>> from mosql.query import insert
>>> print(insert('person', mosky))
INSERT INTO "person" ("person_id", "name") VALUES ('mosky', 'Mosky Liu')

See also

Check The Common Queries — mosql.query for detail, or there are examples which interact with real database.

Like it?

It is available on PyPI:

$ sudo pip install mosql

Or clone the source code from GitHub:

$ git clone git://

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